New Beginning

Now that I am at Modo Yoga Studio, the fresh energy has imbibed my sweet massage room. It is quiet ,dimly lighted and feels very beautiful in there. A safe haven, a resting spot for weary travelers of this fast paced world. I am tucked away from the bustle of a busy and fabulous Yoga studio, yet not too far to pop into a class if you so wish.

Actually a yoga class then a massage is a perfect combo for healing mind body and soul.

To find me look up Modo Yoga or

My new address is 3527 Columbia Parkway near Green Dog Cafe. 

Come visit, rest and enjoy

Its Time For A Move

Spring is here and time for a new change. I have loved being in my sweet Body of Eden spot after leaving Shine Yoga a year and a half ago.  Although,I miss the yoga community and have decided to join forces with Moksha (Modo) Yoga located at 3527 Columbia Parkway  Columbia Square Cinti Ohio 45226 Bldg. A

The energy there is just the vibe I am looking for to compliment my massage practice. It’s quiet, sweet and a wonderful place to do what I love most ,helping people find healing and whole body integration.

It matches up with my values to work in the yoga world, as yoga means sanskrit for union. I love to support this idea for health and wellness. I believe in the power of massage and yoga as a powerful tool for finding deep connection to mind body and soul. This is where  healing begins.

Come see me in my new spot. I welcome all and look forward to many more years of service in the massage  and healing arts world.


And forth ebb and flow grow shed
The rhythm is so familiar. So comforting.
Weddings Births Deaths, the very fabric of this life.
Connection to others and more importantly to self. The Big S Self.
Enjoy ,Let Go
Always remember your sense of humor.
It goes with all seasons


Mind like a mouse

Our minds click on whatever it is we focus on. Just like a computer mouse. Click on radiance today. Watch how we stray back to complaining or wishing things are different. Bring the mouse back to radiance. See what happens. Besides getting tired from all that clicking back✌️


Autumn Rhythm

I am now sitting in Eden Park a place 20 years ago I dreamed of living in. Never underestimate the power of our dreams. To think I sit here have my morning coffee watch the sun rise listen to the swell of crickets in almost more beautiful than I can bear

This big old juicy heart if mine thinks it can handle it all but this .. This exquisite tenderness of a dream come true, well it is breaking me open.
I am only gratitude